logocenterLocated in downtown Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Art Center has long been a home to the Arts and Arts-minded businesses. It boasts a Theatre, Dance space as well as galleries and houses a mix of local businesses involved in and supportive of the arts. It’s off-the mall location is close enough for any Pacific Avenue patron to visit. To the rear of the building, Squid Row Alley harkens back to the days when India Joze made its home on the premises. Always unique, the Art Center caters to local business owners and their customers as well as the public at large interested arts performance or classes.


Built by the artists who eventually occupied the building, the Santa Cruz Art Center was changed from two metal warehouse buildings into a lively retail and arts center in 1971. Owners Don Starr and Bob Gibson yielded to community interests and requests to create an Art Center downtown. The resulting building has operated continuously since then, making 2016 its 45th anniversary.